Our Vineyard

Finca Bandini lies by the riverbed of the Mendoza River, and it is protected by a 10- metre natural uneven ground. This generates an oasis where the soil is a mixture of large rocks and clear water. All this creates our unique terroir which cannot be found in other vineyards, and is perfect for the growing of vines that make the best wines possible.


The lands that moves us

Millions of years ago, plates collided giving birth to the great Andes mountain range. Landslides ensued, causing stones to roll eastward towards the natural riverbeds.
Soil comprising of big stones resulted, and as the distance from the riverbed grew, the stones became smaller.
Finca Bandini lies by that very riverbed of the Mendoza River and is protected by 10 meters of natural, uneven ground. Our land is an oasis with soil comprising of both large and small rocks, as well as clear water.
All this creates our unique terroir that cannot be found anywhere else.

Where we are

Thaw-originated water from the Andes Range, sets the spirit of Finca Bandini. With its alluvial soil and protection by its proximity to the Mendoza river, Finca Bandini enjoys a unique microclimate in Las Compuertas, Lujan de Cuyo.

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